Starting Affiliate Marketing

How to earn an income online, even if you’re new

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There are many ways to create an income or build a business online. You could become a freelancer, start an e-commerce store, or publish and sell ebooks.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the simpler ways you can get started. All you do is help other companies sell their goods or services online by referring potential customers to them. In return, you receive a commission when that customer buys.

Many well-known companies have affiliate programs including Amazon and Ebay, demonstrating this is a very established method of doing business online.

So what are the key things you need to know?

You will want to know about two things.

Traffic and conversion

Traffic is the ability to send people from one place to another online. There are free and paid methods available, each with their own pros and cons. This could be from social media like Facebook or search engines like Google.

Conversion is the ability to influence the preferred action you want a person to take. Usually, but not always, this requires some kind of web page to provide further information to ‘presell’ a potential customer before they visit the main company site.

As concepts, these two things are easy to understand but the devil is in the detail so I’ll expand on things with an example.

Affiliate marketing example

Let’s say you become an affiliate for Amazon and decide you want to promote smart TVs. You can run Facebook ads to get people on Facebook to visit an Amazon product page with smart TVs on it. In this case, you’re using Facebook ads to drive ‘traffic’ to Amazon directly.

This could generate some sales but a better way of improving sales might be creating a comparison review of the top 5 smart TVs on your own website first, outlining the pros and cons of each in more detail. They can then visit Amazon better informed increasing the likelihood of buying.


Now you’re probably asking yourself at this stage, how do I even create Facebook ads or build a website? Understandably, there are a lot more things to learn that can’t be fit into this article.

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Four Percent Group review

Is this online entrepreneurs group by Vick Strizheus worth it?

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5-step online business framework for growth

If you’re going to start a business online, or use online to grow your business, you’re going to want to know and develop your 5Ps.

Check out the video to learn more.

The 5P framework goes over the following areas:

  • Proposition – what you stand for and what are you offer
  • People – two main ways to get people visiting your website
  • Persuasion – 6 principles you need to know to influence leads and sales
  • Platforms – ways to connect with prospects and customers
  • Performance – measurement, learning and optimisation

Get inspired, reenergised and focused

I’ve just come back from a short holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand where the scenery is stunning!

Before I left, I recorded this short video about how I felt inspired, reenergised and focused with business.

Sometimes a little break can give you a lot of perspective.

Feeling on top of the world

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Over the next few days, this is my view where I'm staying. It's beautiful and inspiring.

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The drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy is stunning

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