Chris Yong
Hi, I’m Chris and welcome to Digital Era. The world is quickly changing, especially digitally, but there are people still doing the same thing over and over.

The Internet is here to stay and our digital, connected world continues to provide amazing opportunities if people have the right knowledge.

Digital Era helps people improve their future through digital business education and digital support services. As digital business needs continue to grow, skills in online, mobile and social are highly valuable and sought after.

A little bit more about me if you’re curious. I have over ten years experience in online and digital helping businesses, and a Google certified professional in AdWords and Google Analytics. I’m also a New Zealand musician and songwriter with a double platinum album to my credit, love travelling and interested in photography.

I first got started with websites in the late 90s because my rock band at the time didn’t have a website so I taught myself HTML. My first social media experience was Myspace in the early 2000s and from there I’ve been involved in many various things from website development, content and social media management, digital marketing campaigns, SEO, search marketing, PPC advertising and digital analytics.

If you’re not sure what half of that means, don’t worry as my intention with Digital Era is to keep things simple. Whether you’re looking to upskill yourself for your career or start your own online business, Digital Era is here to help you develop the knowledge you need.

Digital Era is located in Auckland, New Zealand.