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FourPercent by Vick Strizheus

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On October 8, 2016
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Online marketing system and education, suitable for all levels.

What is the Four Percent Group by Vick Strizheus?

Updated: Oct 2017 – The Four Percent Group is an online marketing membership group started by Vick Strizheus, who also founded High Traffic Academy and created the Project Breakthrough program. He has also achieved success as a leader in the network marketing industry and mentored many students to become successful entrepreneurs.

The group specialises in high converting systems that simplify the sales and marketing process for online entrepreneurs of all experience levels. It also provides marketing education and support to help develop members skills.

In this review, I’m going to dive into the facts surrounding the Four Percent Group. As a person with ten years experience in online and social media, I feel I can separate the good from the bad.

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  1. General information
  2. Content
  3. Resources
  4. Accessibility
  5. Price

General information

The vision of the Four Percent Group is to nurture a community of successful and independent online marketers that think like a ‘four percenter’.

Its point of difference is its unique portfolio system of affiliate programs that members can use while they learn.

“What makes this unique and different is instead of focusing on theory and complexity, like everybody else, we focus on results and simplicity” ~ Vick Strizheus


There are four main sections to the Four Percent Group members area.

Four Percent Group members area

Four Percent Group members area

1. Marketing Centre
This section contains various exclusive funnels which help make up the unique portfolio system. More about this under resources.

2. Training Centre
This section contains how-to tutorials and the flagship course Operation 100K.

Inside Operation 100K, Vick Strizheus gives over-the-shoulder training showing exactly what he does, and his thinking process, as he launches an online marketing campaign with a target of achieving $100,000 in sales over 90 days starting from scratch using Four Percent Group systems.

3. Events
There is a calendar of upcoming member events, the live webinar room and webinar replays of past training sessions and updates.

4. Shows
This section features The Journey, a weekly online video show where Vick interviews successful industry leaders uncovering what it took to achieve their success and the challenges they faced along the way.


Unique portfolio system
This is the technology foundation of the Four percent Group which enables multiple affiliate programs to integrate into it with smart tracking capabilities.

Exclusive funnels
Vick Strizheus uses his extensive marketing knowledge to create high converting funnels that plug into the portfolio system. There is a great deal of psychology that goes into creating effective marketing funnels which newbies won’t know.

Members get to leverage the skills of an experienced marketer with their affiliate campaigns while upskilling themselves with the ongoing training.

Exclusive funnels

Exclusive funnels

Trusted affiliate programs
The companies the Four Percent Group aligns with to generate affiliate commissions are all solid and trusted companies which are extremely important.

‘Make money online’ and business opportunities have got a bad rap over the years and deservedly so due to the huge number of dot-com companies that have disappeared after scamming people or failing to actually perform.

The Four Percent Group does the background research on companies before they can be considered for their portfolio system.

Active member community
There is a very active community of members helping each other out with top earners engaging in conversations frequently in the private Facebook group.

A helpful side effect has been members creating their own local support Facebook groups to motivate and inspire each other on.

Four Percent private Facebook group

Four Percent private Facebook group

NOTE: Additional resources are needed which are not part of the group membership. These are standard internet marketing tools for landing pages, email autoresponders and tracking.


The Four Percent Group has activity in two places, the main website which contains the training videos and tools, and the private Facebook group where there is an active community.

Four Percent Group mobile site

Four Percent Group mobile site

Both sites are optimised for mobile and tablets devices, and accessible 24/7.


The regular price to access the Four Percent Group is $247/mon, however, there is a time-bound special offer of $49/mon running at the moment, for how long I’m not too sure.

Payments are processed through Clickbank, a leading internet retailer that has operated since 1998 and processed over $3 billion in sales.

Who is it best for?

The Four Percent Group is intended for people who want to become, or who already are, independent online entrepreneurs with internet marketing.

As of October 2017, it has over 200,000 members and nearly 25,000 people in the private Facebook group. The group started in prelaunch back in June 2016 and has attracted big industry leaders including the likes of:

  • Shaqir Hussyin (top earner in Empower Network and MOBE)
    Shaqir Hussyin
  • Justin Verrengia (top earner in Empower Network)
    Justin Verrengia
  • Paulo Barroso (voted no. 12 worldwide for best internet marketer/direct sales in 2014)


  • Unique portfolio system to create multiple streams of income
    Works with a variety of trusted affiliate programs that can generate a range of different commissions
  • Exclusive affiliate funnels
    Leverage the skills of an expert marketer for higher conversions
  • Operation 100K training
    Over-the-shoulder training from an expert internet marketer as he launches an ambitious online marketing campaign from scratch
  • Responsive customer support
    Dedicated support team to assist members quickly when they need it
  • Active member community
    Plenty of engagement from members of all experience levels including top earners with informal local support groups forming frequently.


  • Vick Strizheus has a checkered past
    This is easily found with a simple Google search and is something he has acknowledged and shared with members. Rather than go into details about what happened many years ago, the fact that big industry leaders and companies want to work with Vick and the Four Percent Group demonstrates he has their trust and respect, and learnt from past mistakes
  • Further investment required
    As with any entrepreneurial venture, a person will only get out what they are prepared to put in with their time and/or money
  • Not a get rich quick scheme
    If a person needs to make money quickly, they would be better trying Mechanical Turk or Freelancer sites. The Four Percent Group does not make any income guarantees as results vary from person to person.


The Four Percent Group’s focus on simplicity and results, underpinned by unique systems and education, is a refreshing change in an industry full of self-proclaimed gurus spreading theory.

Does it work? It can do but it depends on the individual. There are new members who have made their first online sale and those that are yet to.

Mindset plays a huge part in the results a person can get. When you can think like a ‘four percenter’, you’ll achieve results like a four percenter.

It’s best to ask the question, am I simply interested or am I committed to building an online business?

If it’s the latter then the Four Percent Group has the resources, education and community to help a person do that. Even better if they can join while the $49/mon offer is available.

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